October 20, 2021

Are More Young Gamblers Playing Bingo Online?

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Bingo is one of the mainstay mobile casino games on any serious casino site or app. The game is amazingly straightforward to play with a player-friendly house edge of less than 2%.

Are More Young Gamblers Playing Bingo Online?

But to be honest, bingo isn’t popular among young lads like video slots. In fact, the game is often considered a ‘darling’ to older players. So, why is it so? And are things changing already? Here’s the truth!

A Brief History of Bingo

Bingo is a table game of chance where gamers chalk off card numbers as the caller draws the cards randomly. In this luck-based game, the winner is usually the first player to mark all their numbers.

With that in mind, bingo was invented back in the 16th century (1530 specifically) in Italy. Then, the game spread like wildfire to other European countries like the UK and France in the 18th century.

In Great Britain, bingo was immensely popular, leading to the Betting and Gambling Act being introduced in 1960. As a result, bingo halls such as Mecca Bingo and The Rank Organization came up to offer large cash prizes.

However, most of these halls are the main reasons why bingo is today considered an older person’s game. That’s because aged players filled the bingo halls in their bid to grab the loot.

But that stereotype is changing quickly after the launch of the first online bingo site in 1996. Today, you’ll find any online casino with bingo.

How to Play Bingo Online

As said before, playing bingo involves chalking off numbers on a ticket. Typically, a standard bingo ticket has 27 spaces with three rows and nine columns.

Players find four blank spaces and five numbers on each row. On the other hand, each column has a maximum of three numbers arranged depending on the company.

When you play bingo online or offline, begin by purchasing a ticket and wait for the first number to be called. If the number is on your ticket, cross it off. The first person to cross enough wins the prize.

Interestingly, the caller can continue announcing the numbers for more lines to be crossed. The aim is to create a “full house” where all numbers on a ticket have been crossed.

Below are the different bingo winning combinations:

  • Line – marking ticket numbers covering a horizontal line.
  • Two lines – marking numbers on two ticket lines.
  • Four corners – marking the rightmost and leftmost digits at the top and bottom lines.
  • Full house – marking off all fifteen ticket numbers.

Bingo Alternatives to Play

Still not convinced about playing bingo online? Try your luck in one of these table games instead:

  1. Blackjack

Blackjack is a classic card game where gamers face the dealer in a duel to get the highest value hand. But as they do that, they do not need to go over 21 or bust. Blackjack is arguably the most loved casino game by experienced punters due to its low house edge.

  1. Baccarat

Like bingo, baccarat is another casino game with a wrong stereotype. Usually, players shy away from this game, thinking for those with deep pockets (of course, thanks to movies). But on the contrary, baccarat is one of the most affordable and most straightforward games of chance to play.

  1. Poker

Similar to blackjack, poker is a game of skill. But in this case, players and the dealer are dealt five cards (three sometimes). The good thing about this table game is that online players can find multiple variations, each with different house edges. For instance, Jacks or Better offers up to 0.46% with an optimal strategy, whereas Caribbean Stud maxes out at more than 5%.


Overall, bingo is one of the most lucrative and simplest casino games to play online. With a house edge of below 2%, the game competes with most poker variations in profitability. But if you don’t want to play bingo online, there are plenty of options to select from.

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