December 3, 2021

History of Gambling Dice Games

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Dice are throwable square cubes with up to six dotted sides that have as many dots. They are typically used to generate random numbers in gambling dice games like craps and Sic Bo. And thanks to modern technological advancements, dice games are now a mainstay at the best mobile casinos online.

History of Gambling Dice Games

History of dice games

It’s not yet clear where dice games originated. However, researchers believe that dice have been around even before recording of the early history. It’s believed that dice were invented to practice fortune-telling using the ‘talus’ of hoofed animals. A good example is the bone dice of Skara Brae, Scotland, which dates back to 2400BC.

That said, gambling dice games were popular among Romans who were passionate gamblers. The early Roman dice were six-sided or twenty-sided. The 20-sided one dates back from Ptolemaic Egypt in the 2nd century BC.

But the Romans weren’t the only ones who knew something about dice back then. The Greeks also loved the game of dice immensely. A particular Greek mythology says Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus gambled using dice to divide the earth’s control.

Popular gambling dice games to play

Today, dice have made their way into the best mobile casinos. The most popular dice games include:

  1. Craps: Craps is undoubtedly the ‘king’ of dice games at the casinos. Although the game can be overwhelming for beginners, it’s straightforward to master. In this game, the shooter rolls and throws two dice with players betting on the number the cube will land on. But first, be sure to learn how popular craps bets like pass/don’t pass and come/don’t come work.

  2. Sic Bo: Sic Bo is another fun dice game at online casinos. The game traces its origin in Asia and is today widespread in Las Vegas casinos. Sic Bo is pretty similar to craps, just that this time the shooter will throw three cubes instead of two. Also, the betting options are different in Sic Bo, with big and small bets being the most popular.

  3. Klondike: Ever heard of this casino game before? Well, Klondike uses five dice. The dealer rolls their dice first before the player rolls to get a higher combination. Players can predict their roll combo to be higher or lower than the dealer’s. Also, gamers can bet to “beat 2 aces” by rolling two pairs. Just remember that a tie is a win for the casino.

  4. Chuck-a-luck: This is another uncommon gambling dice game mainly because it’s played in smaller casinos. But don’t be fooled; this game is entertaining and straightforward. Three dice are placed inside a giant spinning hourglass. Then, players place numbers bet, high bet, low bet, field bet, and jackpot bet. Don’t worry, though, as these bets are easy to master. It’s even the best dice game to play at home over the weekend with your buddies.

  5. Banca Francesca: This gambling game is quite similar to baccarat. But instead of using cards, Banca Francesca uses dice. The game rules are pretty easy. Gamers place their chips on either of the three betting areas; big (14-16), small (5-6), and aces (three dice to roll a one). The big and small bets have a 1:1 payout ratio, with aces paying at 61:1. With a house advantage of around 1.5%, this is one unique game to play.

What’s the future of dice games?

The future of gambling dice games is bright, thanks to mobile casinos. Multiple research proves that more players are ditching the long trips to the casino in favor of mobile gaming. And with 5G promising even faster internet speeds than most Wi-Fi connections, it’s time to play dice games on the go.

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