October 28, 2021

Still New to Esports Mobile Betting?

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Just recently, video gaming was a mere pastime activity. But things have changed as gamers worldwide are playing for the money, all thanks to Esports online. In short, Esports is currently a lucrative betting market.

Still New to Esports Mobile Betting?

So, what exactly is Esports betting, and how does one get started with it at the best mobile casinos online? Here is a quick Esports beginner’s guide.

What is Esports?

Esports (electronic sports) is a video gaming competition where punters predict the outcome of a match. Just think of it as real-life sports betting, just that this time you’re dealing with sports simulations.

Typically, Esports online involves sports games, first-person shooters, card games, real-time strategy games, and more. Also, the games only take a few minutes with only important highlights displayed.

Some familiar Esports games include:

  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offense
  • StarCraft II
  • Overwatch
  • Fortnite
  • PUGB (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds)

Types of Esports Betting Markets

Generally, the type of Esports bets is pretty similar to what’s available in sports betting. However, the bet types can vary depending on the competition or game of choice. For example, League of Legends and Dota 2 offer dozens of additional markets like betting in first blood, the first knife kills, first barracks, etc.

That said, players can reap the rewards of moneyline bets, which involve predicting the outright winner of a single match. You can also bet on over/under in football, rugby, tennis, and other sports matches. Often, players also get a chance to bet on map x winner, with “x” representing the map number. Overall, there are lots of betting markets in Esports.

Is Esports Betting Legal?

Yes, and no! That’s because it depends on the gambling jurisdiction a player hails from. For instance, the Gambling Commission has incorporated this form of gambling into its broader betting remit in the UK. So, read the gambling laws in your jurisdiction to know if participating in Esports is legal.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that most sportsbooks and mobile casinos offer Esports on their platforms. However, some niche sites specialize in providing Esports betting services only. But whichever method appeals to you, ensure a legal body licenses the gambling site.

Important Esports Betting Tips?

  • Know the Games - As said earlier, there are many Esports out there. However, none is like the other. Therefore, as a beginner, it’s essential to specialize in a single Esport to get the hang of the game quickly. A novice player taking on all the games at once can find it overwhelming.

  • Learn the Markets - Seasoned sports betting fans can skip this point altogether. But for beginners, learning the available markets and calculating the odds is paramount to cut it in this world. Fortunately, the work is all cut out, as there are many resources online.

  • Know the Players and Teams - Like sports betting fans, Esports punters must know the players and teams involved. This is especially true when betting on matches like football and horse racing. Many a time, the teams that dominate in real-life sports betting do the same in Esports.

  • Bankroll Management - Whether you’re a fan of Esports, online casino games, or sports betting, bankroll management is a lifesaver. It’s essential to play with only the amount you can afford to lose. So, set aside a gambling bankroll and divide it into units like $5, 10, 20, and so on. And, of course, don’t ever chase losses no matter the situation.


Esports betting can be immensely profitable, but only if done correctly. Start by learning the betting markets and choose an event that appeals to you. Then, select a licensed online casino or sportsbook to play at before setting yourself a budget. And above all, bet on Esports that you’re already a fan of or playing at home.

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