June 29, 2022

Popular Mobile Blackjack Variations for Real Money

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Blackjack is a classic card game that comes in many online variations. Today, you can play blackjack on mobile in over 20 variations spread across RNG and live games. But not all mobile blackjack games are worth playing. Some games have better rules, payouts, and general in-game features. So, this post reviews the best real-money blackjack games to play on smartphones or tablets.

Popular Mobile Blackjack Variations for Real Money

Mobile Blackjack Game Difference

How do these games differ? Before listing the best mobile blackjack games, it’s vital to learn how to differentiate these variants. For instance, gamers can only double down with a hand total of 11, 10, or 9 in European Blackjack. Also, some variations require the dealer to hit if they have a soft 17 (17 with an ace), while others need them to stand. Plus, some games can limit the number of times players can split per hand. 

Most Popular Blackjack Games to Play at Mobile Casinos

Here are the most common blackjack games that you will find at almost any mobile casino. See the list below:

Classic Blackjack (American Blackjack)

The name alone speaks volumes. Classic Blackjack is the traditional blackjack type common in most mobile casinos. The main objective of this game is relatively straightforward. Just create a hand total close to 21 and beat the dealer. However, make sure you don’t bust or exceed 21. If this happens, you lose.

It’s vital to note that Classic Blackjack uses 2-4 decks of cards. Also, players can split or double down at any moment, with the dealer hitting on soft 17. In addition, the dealer checks for blackjack. Overall, it’s the most straightforward mobile blackjack game for beginners. 

European Blackjack

European Blackjack is another standard blackjack variant. Like the American version, this game uses two decks of cards with similar game rules. However, in the European version, the dealer stands on soft 17. This makes it one of the most player-friendly games for those who can exploit this rule. 

But mobile casinos online are not dumb. They have other stringent rules to prevent players from exploiting this gap. For instance, the dealer can’t check for blackjack, unlike in the American variant. But that’s the only difference, as players can double down on 11, 10, or 9. 

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

If you’re a fate tempter, here’s the perfect online blackjack variation. This entertaining game maintains similar gameplay rules as the classic version. For example, the dealer hits on soft 17, and gamers are allowed to split and double down.

But the main attraction of this card game is the extra side bet. Gamers predict that the first two cards dealt are a pair in this bet. Of course, that’s the cards’ numerical values, although you can find games paying out for matching the colors. The perfect pair bet has a tempting payout of 30:1.

Multihand Blackjack

Last but undoubtedly not least, play Multihand Blackjack to shake off your blackjack hangovers. The main objective doesn’t change here as well. Create a 21 and send the dealer to the cleaners. However, this game allows players to play several hands, hence Multihand Blackjack.

So, how is playing multiple hands beneficial? Okay, your odds increase as you see more decks on the table. In other words, this mobile blackjack is perfect for card counters. And best of all, the minimum bet in this variant is often lower.


These are the best variations if you like playing blackjack on mobile. For beginners, stick to something relatively straightforward like the American or European version. But if you trust your card counting skills, the Multihand version can introduce you to some excellent opportunities. And remember to check out other versions like Spanish 21, Pontoon Blackjack, and Hi-Lo. Have fun!

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