RNG vs. Live Dealer Games 🏆 Which is Best?



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Visit any mobile casino, and you’re likely to play any casino game of your choice. Mobile gambling apps offer players all game varieties, including video slots, table games, bingo, scratch cards, and more.

RNG vs. Live Dealer Games 🏆 Which is Best?

But of all the mobile casino games you come across, it’s the table games that are most interesting. Usually, these games come in either live or RNG format. But the question is; what is the difference and which between the two is best to play?

What are RNG games?

RNG (Random Number Generator) games are arguably the most popular of the duo. These games are usually available even in start-up casinos. That said, RNG games have no casino involvement during gameplay. In other words, the game results are 100% computer-generated, with only the player taking part in the action. Think of it as a virtual money blackjack game you download on Play Store or App Store.

What are live casino games?

As the name hints, live casino games are played in a live room streamed in real-time from a traditional casino studio. Inside the room, you’ll meet human croupiers who are always ready to help you with any gameplay issues. Simply put, live games don’t depend on RNG to give out results. Every action a player and the croupier take on the table is happening live. And yes, most live casino games support multiplayer modes.

The human element and transparency

Do you know why live table games are considered the best in the online gambling world? Well, the charm of meeting a real dealer and other players straight from your mobile phone or computer is irresistible. Often, the best mobile casinos employ professional and friendly croupiers to make sure you never miss going to the traditional casino.

Also, the cameras are omnidirectional to give you a natural casino feel. Plus, the live chat feature helps you communicate seamlessly with other players and the croupier. In conclusion, live players can see and hear every corner of the table and spot any malicious activity in real-time.

But does this mean that RNG games aren’t fair? On the contrary, rigging game results here is a mission impossible. First, RNG programs are constantly tested for fairness by watchdogs like eCOGRA, iTech Labs, Gaming Associates, and more.

Also, the RNG software itself produces billions of results in seconds, making it impossible for the casino/player to predict results. So, if you play both games on regulated mobile casinos, you have little to worry about here.

Game variety and bonuses

On this one, RNG games win hands down. Normally, you’ll only play a handful of table games online live. The collection mainly includes blackjack, poker, roulette, baccarat, and craps. But if you go with RNG-powered games, you’ll enjoy video slots as well. Remember, online slots consist of almost 90% of games you will find on any mobile casino.

In addition to boasting more game variety, RNG games also come with multiple bonus promotions. Often, players get sign-up bonuses attached to specific online slot titles. In some cases, these rewards come directly as free spins. And yes, most online casino jackpots have been won by slot players. So, all in all, RNG casino games offer a much greater variety and winning potential.

So, which is better?

Playing your favorite casino game online is definitely a treat you can’t refuse. But as time goes by, the thrill of playing against the computer might start fading. Because of this reason, most players find live games more enjoyable to play in the long run.

Also, live casinos house some of the best-paying games like video poker, roulette, and blackjack. Nonetheless, always play in a regulated online casino and have fun. Adios!

Best gambling quote: “Gambling is not about how well you play the games, it’s really about how well you handle your money.”

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