How to Get a VIP Membership at a Mobile Casino



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Competition is at its best in the gambling industry. As such, the best mobile casinos must devise methods to attract and keep loyal players. One such way is offering VIP treatments. Getting a VIP membership opens a box full of features and exclusive bonuses from a mobile casino. So, this guidepost teaches you how to become a VIP player in no time.

How to Get a VIP Membership at a Mobile Casino

What is a mobile casino VIP program?

A VIP casino program is nothing complicated. It’s basically a loyalty program tailored for regular players. With that in mind, most mobile casinos use a points system. Here, points garnered for every deposit, wager, or other on-site action can qualify players for a VIP rank. Just note that the invitation can be hard to come by sometimes.

For example, at PlayGrand Casino, gamers receive 10 VIP points for every $10 they bet at the casino. When playing online slots at PlayGrand Casino, gamers get two points for each $10 wagered. The same applies to scratch cards.

Meanwhile, some casinos divide their VIP memberships into groups. The VIP Club can be Gold, Diamond, Silver, or Platinum levels, depending on the casino. The higher the rank, the better the VIP treatment.

How to get a mobile casino VIP status

So, how do you qualify for VIP treatment at a mobile casino? Unfortunately, there isn’t an option to buy into the program. All qualifying players must play a certain number of times. In short, one must show loyalty to the mobile casino to get an invitation card.

Note, however, that not all online casino games qualify for a VIP program. The thing is that games of luck like scratch cards, bingo, and slots only contribute 10% to 20%. On the other side, strategy-filled games like blackjack and video poker can make up to 100%. So, sharpen your skills to win enough games and get an invitation.

How to maintain a mobile casino VIP status

Think that getting a mobile casino VIP invitation is the most challenging part? Then think again because maintaining it is a different ballgame altogether. Often, players must maintain a certain monthly turnover to maintain their respectable status at the casino.

While this can be challenging, it’s still possible if you’re a skilled veteran. Remember that the casino has already noticed your win potential before sending the invitation. It’s only a matter of keeping focus and maintaining the pace. But if you have a big enough bankroll, the better for you.

Advantages of becoming a VIP mobile casino player

Yes, that’s right; getting a VIP membership separates you from the “ordinary Joes” at the casino. Often, the mobile casino will assign a VIP player their own manager. The account manager will keep records of the gamer’s account activities like deposits and withdrawals. This leads to quicker transactions and occasional tournament invitations. Also, the manager will be on standby to provide prompt support. Now who wouldn’t want that?

In addition to quick withdrawals, some online casinos offer VIP players free deposits and withdrawals. This is a welcome addition if you’re currently playing on an app that charges for transactions. Even better, high rollers who occasionally transact massive amounts will save a lot. The end justifies the means in VIP programs.


See, getting a VIP invitation is not as difficult as most casino players claim. The trick is to maintain consistency and play skill-based games. The casino will notice your efforts sooner or later and ask you to join the prestigious VIP Club. Just remember that VIP will remain a fallacy if you don’t have a gaming bankroll.

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