July 13, 2022

How to Make Money at any Mobile Casino

Leticia "Letty" Santos
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First and foremost, there’s nothing like easy money in gambling. If you don’t plan to win, then failure is inevitable. Having said that, gambling is mostly about luck and spotting lucrative opportunities. Your betting career might fail even before it kicks off because you don’t know how to rake in those wins, no matter how small. So, this post introduces you to some tips to always stay a step ahead with your precious bankroll.

How to Make Money at any Mobile Casino

Play Casino Games for Free

When choosing a mobile casino, ensure that the site offers a signup bonus. That’s basically bonus money or free spins players get after creating an account and making a minimum deposit. 

The mobile casino should even offer new players a no-deposit bonus or free spins if possible. Just create an account and claim the prize without depositing anything. 

For loyal players, loyalty programs like VIP enrollments and cashback will suffice. For example, BK8 Casino offers loyal players a 10% unlimited daily reload bonus from March 1st to 31st. Just deposit $50 and claim the reward. So, always keep an eye out for more promotions like this at your favorite mobile casino.

Low Variance Casino Slots

The chances are that the casino will specify the type of slot machine to use the welcome bonus on. In that case, be careful with the kind of slots you play using your hard-earned money. 

Always choose low-medium variance slots if you’re on a tight budget. These games allow players to hit payouts more often, although in small amounts.

But how do you differentiate low variance games from high variance games? Well, most game developers indicate the volatility. This can also come as hit frequency, where a higher percentage means more frequent wins. 

However, note that choosing low variance and high hit ratios may reduce the win amount. 

High RTP Casino Games

RTP (return to player) is another common factor determining whether you’ll win free money. The RTP is the long-term payback to players after a successful 100-coin bet. 

For instance, if a game has 97% RTP, gamers can win up to 97 credits in the long run. Of course, this also means the casino has a 3% mathematical advantage.

Here’s the trick; choosing a lower RTP also reduces the hourly losses. For instance, you spin the reels on a game with a 3% house edge, spinning 100 times per hour. 

Assuming that each spin costs $10, the average hourly loss is $30 (0.3% x $10 x 100 hands). A lower RTP means a higher house edge, hence more hourly losses. 

Use skill to play

Seasoned gamblers know that successful betting is primarily down to luck. But although there’s some truth there, players can use their skills to tilt the odds in their favor. 

Unfortunately, most mobile casino games don’t require skills to play. Mobile slots are good examples, where players just spin and wait for the results.

But with skill-based games like blackjack and poker, you can spot winning opportunities and maximize on them. 

For example, poker players can know when to hit, stand, double down, or call. In blackjack, you can count cards and move things your way. And if you’re playing a land-based casino, edge sorting can significantly help. 


There are many ways to get the better of the house that this post can’t list all. But whichever strategy you use, always know that the house always wins. Even if the house edge is 0.5%, that’s proof enough that the outcome isn’t in your favor. And above all, play with a bankroll.

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